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Launcher for Gmail


Launcher for Gmail for Blackberry Playbook


Gmail from Runisoft is a Gmail Fast Launcher that enables you to use the Gmail on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

The software launches the Gmail web interface in a single click.This makes easier and quicker to access the Gmail web interface on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

What is Gmail ?

Gmail is free search based e mail (Web mail) service provided by Google. The backbone of Gmail is a powerful Google search engine that quickly finds any message an account owner has ever sent or received.  When Gmail displays an e-mail, it automatically shows all the replies to that e-mail as well, so users can view a message in the context of a conversation.

Below are some features of Gmail :

1. Less spam  -- Gmail blocks spam before it gets to the inbox.

2. Lots of Space  --  Gmail offers a lot of storage space.Over 10270.392672 MBs of free storage space!

3. Inbuilt Search feature --  The inbuilt search feature gives you instantly the exact message you are looking for.

4. Grouped Messages -- Messages are grouped with the relevant responses -- so you can always see messages in context.

5. Security -- Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure.

6. Labels -- Use labels to stay Organized.

7. Priority Inbox -- Automatically separate important email from everything else and focus on what really matters.

8. Mark Important Items  -- You can mark the important items with a star.