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Photo editor - Old style effect


3. Old Style Effect 2 :


Tap on old Style Effect 2 , it will give Sepia Effect to any photo. Then tap on save button and save the picture.


Sepia Effect: 

  • Sepia toning was a specialized treatment to give a black & White photographic print a warmer tone and to enhance its archival qualities.
  • Sepia toning became popular in 80s era when black and White photography was slowly going. This method helped in preserving old photos.
  • Seeing yourself in sepia Effect brings back the memories of Naughty Eighty.
  • Converting your color photographs into sepia portraits can give them an antique look and help evoke feelings of nostalgia.
  • Unlike normal portraits where the color and background patterns can act as a distraction from the main theme, sepia portraits help focus on the main subject of the portrait.
  • Another benefit of sepia portraits is that they can help to soften uneven skin tones and visually enhance your images.



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2. Old Style Effect 1
3. Old Style Effect 2
4. Save
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