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Photo editor - Old style effect


2. Old Style Effect 1 :

Tap on old Style Effect 1 , it will give Black and white Effect to any photo. Then tap on save button and save the picture.


Black & White Effect:

  • The beautiful black & White photos effect where there is no color only black and white.
  • Black and white photos can add an air of romance, class, timelessness and mystery to otherwise ordinary photographs.
  • The beautiful Black & White era where emotions reflects from pictures instead of colors.
  • Black and white photography gives photos a timeless, nostalgic feel simply by the absence of color. There‚Äôs no color, no hue to distract you.
  • Composition suddenly becomes more pronounced, light doubly so. Shadows appear deeper, highlights pop.
  • Your photograph is reduced to its bare essentials and you get to see how well it holds up.

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