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Photo editor - Old style effect

Photo Editor - Old Style Photo Effect for Blackberry Playbook  

Convert your Photos to the photos of 1980 !! Old Style photo effect converts the photos to old style classic photos. Photos are medium to recall our past, Old photos always brings good old memories of past. Whenever we see any old photo we become nostalgic and yearn for good old past. It is not possible to go in past, But yes we can see ourselves in past through Runisoft's Old Style Photo Effect. This application helps in transforming your new colorful photo into old style photo. There are two types of Old styles Photo 1) Sepia Effect 2) Black & White effect Sepia Effect: • Sepia toning was a specialized treatment to give a black & White photographic print a warmer tone and to enhance its archival qualities. • Sepia toning became popular in 80s era when black and White photography was slowly going. This method helped in preserving old photos. • Seeing yourself in sepia Effect brings back the memories of Naughty Eighty. • Converting your color photographs into sepia portraits can give them an antique look and help evoke feelings of nostalgia. • Unlike normal portraits where the color and background patterns can act as a distraction from the main theme, sepia portraits help focus on the main subject of the portrait. • Another benefit of sepia portraits is that they can help to soften uneven skin tones and visually enhance your images. Black & White Effect: • The beautiful black & White photos effect where there is no color only black and white. • Black and white photos can add an air of romance, class, timelessness and mystery to otherwise ordinary photographs. • The beautiful Black & White era where emotions reflects from pictures instead of colors. • Black and white photography gives photos a timeless, nostalgic feel simply by the absence of color. There’s no color, no hue to distract you. • Composition suddenly becomes more pronounced, light doubly so. Shadows appear deeper, highlights pop. • Your photograph is reduced to its bare essentials and you get to see how well it holds up. With the help of Runisoft Old Style Photo Effect , any picture can be changed into Black & white effect or Sepia Effect.
This application is very easy and simple to use. Now you can start decoloring your pictures through this Application and see what are the beautiful emotions hidden in pictures.
Photos are meant to feel emotions not to see colors.

Download now and see how your pic would have appeared if taken 40 years back !! Share the photo with your friends,family and last but not the least... enjoy!!!

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