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Download MP3 Cutter


Download MP3 Cutter - Ringtone Maker for Blackberry Playbook

Facing trouble in creating ringtones or making sound clips for your presentation / movies in blackberry world? Runisoft MP3 cutter is the best solution for your problem.

Runisoft  MP3 cutter is simple blackberry software which cuts small part of any song. It creates great quality professional-style tailor-made tunes. The small cut MP3 can be used for creating ringtones, adding startup sound for your blackberry playbook, adding effects to clips to post on your website, adding background music for your own created movies/clips and can be helpful in your presentation.   It is very easy to use and works without changing your original MP3 file.

Below is the screenshot of the software :

  Usage of MP3 Cutter

 ·         Create unlimited ringtones.  

 ·         Add ringtones for your blackberry playbook and smartphones. For example the cut song can be used as a tone which  is played when you get an email or the incoming phone call music in your blackberry smartphone. 

 ·         Create clips to post on your website.

 ·         Add background music for your own created movies/clips.   

 ·         Add music to your presentation.     

 ·         Copy the cut mp3 to Windows and use the sounds for various events like windows startup sound, shutdown sound etc.

 Key Features of MP3 Cutter

 ·         Cut MP3 file with high precision and without losing quality.

 ·         Time precision of seconds.

 ·         Visually define the time when you want to cut.

 ·         Adjustable start and end point.

 ·         A built in small player for pre listening the cut part.

 ·         Volume increase and decrease option. 

 ·          A window showing the Album information.

 ·         Simple and user friendly tool using which files could be cut in a minute.

 ·         Beautiful and elegant background best suited for Blackberry users.  

                                       Download now !!