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Help : Save MP3


Once you have adjusted the MP3 and Played it ,you can now save the MP3 to disk.

The cut MP3 will be saved to the same location where the Original MP3 is located.The clipped MP3 will carry the Original MP3's name along with the word "cut" and "Present time" appended.

Click on "Save MP3" Now.You will be asked the name by which you want to save the MP3.By default an auto generated name would be there.Clcik on Save button.You get the message saying the MP3 has been saved.

Watch the file path and File name of cut MP3 carefully.This will help you in locating the MP3 later on.The clipped MP3 will be added in

the Playbook's Music Player automatocally.If you do not seee it added,wait for 5-10 minutes.and repoen the Player.Serach by the name.

You will get the clipped MP3 there.

Enjoy !!


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