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Help : Adjusting Start and End Points


There are various different format of MP3 available.Some have bitrate of 128 kbps,some are of 96,160,192,248 kbps etc.Not only this,

some MP3 do not have album information at all. Because of these various formats and differences in MP3s,sometimes the clipped part may

be 1 or 2 second ahead or behind the expectations.Such lags can be adjusted by the adjustment buttons in MP3 cutter.

If the cut section does not play properly,do not worry.You can easily readjust them to suit you needs.In order to change the Start and End points,4 additional buttons with left and right arrows  have been provied in the software.

Left arrows decrease the Start and End Point.

Right Arrows increase the Start and End Point.

Below are those :


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