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Download Blackberry 10 & Android Software





Optimum Backup is the Ultimate Exporter of Phone's system data and WhatsApp data.

It exports Contacts,SMS,MMS,Calendar,Settings,Call Logs,Playlists,WhatsApp Chat History,WhatsApp Photos & WhatsApp Videos . The exported data and files are automatically uploaded to DropBox.

This helps in securing the data of your phone. Not only this, it also saves the above data into HTML and CSV format. Using these formats, you could easily see your contacts,SMS,Calendar Events,Call Logs and etc. in a well organized format on your Computer or Phone.
Get it from :

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Ultimate Backup for Blackberry 10 :

 ** Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry 10 experience. ** 

Ultimate Backup is an all in one Backup Solution for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

It comes with AES256 encryption, backup to multiple clouds at the same time and many more !  

It can Backup and Restore below contents.If the backup is scheduled, it would automatically run in Background and backup below components to cloud :   


Contacts & Favourites
Contact Groups
Phone Call Logs
Recorded Voices


It can Backup these components to below :

SD Card
Phone Memory

Ultimate Backup Pro can backup and restore the SMS,MMS,Contact,Remember,Calendar and entire phone.It can also send an email to you with the
backup file as attachment automatically.If you specify Dropbox,OneDrive or Box,the backups will be automatically taken on them.

Not only this,it also includes a Scheduler which runs in Headless mode in background and it can automatically Backup the SMS,MMS,Contacts,Remember,Calendar and all other phone items at the specified time .If Dropbox,OneDrive or Box is specified for backup,the backup will be automatically taken on them by the inbuilt scheduler.Using this robust method,the SMS,MMS,Contacts,Remember,Calendar and all other phone's items will always be secure.

It supports various other functionalities like viewing SMS/Contacts/Calendar/Remember from the backup file,Searching any SMS/Contacts/Calendar/Remember Events in the Backup files and replying to the SMS of a Backup file from within the application itself.Not only this,it also imports and exports the SMS in XML format.Using this XML the SMS can be restored to any smartphone device or could be restored from other device as well.




Sync My iTunes for Blackberry 10 :

Sync My iTunes is a Blackberry 10 program that can sync the iTunes songs and Videos from the PC/Laptop to BlackBerry 10 wirelessly.

It can Sync selected/all songs from any of your Playlist! It can also sync all/selected songes from the entire iTunes music collections.You can even Play selected songs before the sync to assure that what you are selecting is correct. iTunes contains various sections for example : 90's Music,Classical Music,Music Videos,My Top rated,Recently added,Top 25 Most Played and etc. These sections can also be synched using Sync My iTunes! Click on "Read More" to go to the Product's page



Privacy Suite Pro for Blackberry 10 :

Privacy Suite Pro is an all in one suite for the BlackBerry 10 phone.It hides everything including files,folders,SMS, MMS,contacts,notes,camera photos,camera videos,passwords and Internet browser data from others. It has its own Private Camera,Private downloader,Private Browser and Anti Theft mechanism. 



Ringtone Creator for BlackBerry 10 :

Facing trouble in creating ringtones or making sound clips for your presentation / movies in blackberry world? Runisoft's Ringtone Creator is the best solution for your problem.

Runisoft's  Ringtone Creator is simple blackberry software which cuts small part of any song. It creates great quality professional-style tailor-made tunes. The small cut MP3 can be used for creating ringtones, adding startup sound for your blackberry 10, adding effects to clips to post on your website, adding background music for your own created movies/clips and can be helpful in your presentation.  
It is very easy to use and works without changing your original MP3 file.



Hide Files & Folders for BlackBerry 10 :

Hide files is Blackberry 10 software which helps in maintaining privacy of data. Hide files can hide pictures, documents, videos and any other type of file from unwanted people. Hide files will protect files avoiding them to be being modified, seen or erased by other users.

It is great help for professionals as well as home users. Its password protected features allow only authenticated person to access the hidden files. Hide files allows hiding files and folders from viewing, accessing and searching completely, so that only authenticated user know that those files or folders exist. 

Once user hide files/folders, Hide Files will not reveal its presence in system, and the files will be hidden until users unhide them. No one can find out if any of the files or folders is hidden.

 Now blackberry 10 can be shared between friends and colleagues without any hesitation of lost of confidential data.!!