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Help : Ringtone Creator for BlackBerry 10



Step 1:

In the application, click on“Select MP3”button.

Step 2:

Select the MP3 and click on “OPEN” button.

Once the MP3 has been selected, it will start to play automatically.Now keep you thumb on the "Set Start" button.
Let the sound play.The point of play at which you want the clipping to start,press on the "Set Start" button.The start time will be displayed on  screen.

The point where you want to stop the clipping,click on "Set End" button there.The End time will be displayed on screen.You can click on the

progress bar to directly go to a particular location.




Step 3 : Playing the selection :

This is the most crucial part.Once you have determined the start and end points, click on the "Play Selection" button.

It will play the selected portion.The part played by "Play Sel" button is the part which will be exactly save to disk.Hence,make sure that

it plays what you are expecting.

If the cut section does not play properly,do not worry.You can easily readjust them to suit you needs.In order to change the Start and End points,4 additional buttons with left and right arrows  have been provided in the software.

Step 4 :

Once you have adjusted the MP3 and Played it ,you can now save the MP3 to disk.

The cut MP3 will be saved to the same location where the Original MP3 is located.The clipped MP3 will carry the Original MP3's name along with the word "Ringtone_" and "Present time" appended.

Click on "Save MP3" Now.You will be asked the name by which you want to save the MP3.By default an auto generated name would be there.Click on the Save button.You will get the message saying the MP3 has been saved.


Enjoy !!


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