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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac - using a Wired connection for IP


 Although the page is meant for Wi-Fi,you can still use wired connection if the Wi-Fi connection does not work.

The main aim is to get the IP address.It can be acquired from a cable connection as well.


Please follow below steps : 

a) Connect your Phone to computer using  Wire. 

b) Check if your phone is detected in the Finder window as shown below.





c) Once done click on “Connect” button on Sync My iTunes app of Phone. 


d) The synching should start in a moment. 


 If you are still  unable to connect then follow below steps :

a) If you are unable to connect,then you can click on “IP Address of the system” button on computer’s software. 

b) You will get a couple of addresses. 

c) On the phone’s app,click on “Change IP address” button and then try those IP addresses oe by one and click “Connect” button for each IP address.

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If you face any connectivity issue,pleae visit our FAQ section :




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