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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac - Wi-Fi Sync Process


Note : The help pages are same for all devices including Playbook,BB10 and BBOS 5,6,7 based devices.


Here is the screenshot of Wi-Fi sync page :



The program starts in the system tray.It will be located at the top right corner of your screen.You can left click 

on the tray's icon to access various functionalities of program.Left click on the tray icon and click on "Show Main Screen".


Step 1 - Connection:

Turn on Wi-Fi on phone and Computer and connect both of them to same Wi-Fi network/Router.

One important thing is to have proper connection setup .Make sure that your computer and your Blackberry 10 device both are on same Wi-Fi network.Firewalls can block the connection.Hence please disable Firewalls temporarily or allow the applicationj through it.

Basically,when the application starts,below prompt is displayed.You have to click on Allow to allow the application through Firewall. 

Accept Incoming

Step 2 - Get all possible IP addresses :

Now,when the main screen is displayed, click on "IP Adddress of System" to view all of the ip addresses available on the system.Once you have the IP addresses,select any playlist from the drop down box as shown above.



Step 3 - Connect from Phone's app :

Now click on "Connect " button on the Blackberry phone's Sync My iTunes app.The application first tries to scan different IP addresses to detect the computer.If it could not detect the Mac,it will

ask you the IP address.Also,if the scanning process is taking long time,you can click on "Change IP" option on the action bar.It will ask you the IP address.Enter the address that

you got in previous steps.


Try addresses one by one.i.e Change IP address and click on conenct button.If the IP address does not work,change the IP address once again by clicking on "Change IP" and then agin click on "Connect" button. One of them will make you connect to Sync My iTunes.

Once connected ,click on "Sync" button.The Sync Process will start.

Note : If you get the error "Restart Server/client and reconnect" then please make sure you have allowed the program through firewall.Also,Just close and start the applications on both computer and phone.

On the Mac,right click on the tray icona nd hit exot to close it and then start it again.


Next - Working with Wireless sync when Wi-Fi is not available.i.e.using a cable connection 



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