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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac - Wi-Fi Connection


Note : The help pages are same for all devices including Playbook,BB10 and BBOS 5,6,7 based devices.

Welcome to the help page for Mac.

This page describes the Wi-Fi Sync Process.

Prerequisites :

a) Java - Java must be installed on the Mac.Java can be installed from : http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572

The appropriate version of java is available from http://support.apple.com

b) Firewall : Firewall connections must be allowed for Sync My iTunes.

c) Same Wi-Fi Network : The Blackberry Phone and Mac,both should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

d) Sync My iTunes Server : Sync My iTunes has two components.One runs on Blackberry 10 device.The second one runs on Mac.

Please download the server from http://www.runisoft.com/downloads/syncmyitunes/mac/SyncMyiTunes.dmg.zip

Note : The download is a ZIP file.Please extract the ZIP file to a folder.You will get a dmg file.Double click on the dmg file and run the installer.The program gets installed to "Applications".After installation you can run SyncMyiTunes from "Applications".

Types of Sync :

Sync My iTunes offers two types of Sync.

a) Wired Connection Sync - Syncs when you connect the Blackberry 10 device using wire to Mac.

b) Wireless Sync - It can be used to Sync wirelessly. 

Now we will see how the Wi-Fi connection could be setup.


Next - Setting up Wi-Fi connection 


Architecture :

Sync My iTunes contains two programs.One program runs on Playbook.You can download this program from Blackberry App store.The second program runs on windows or Mac.The windows/Mac program can be downloaded from below link:

Click  to go to Sync My iTunes download Page


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