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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac - Sync process


Working with the main application - Sync Process :

 In the previous page we saw that the main screen's functionality is divided across four steps.We will discuss each step in detail here.

Step 3 - Select the items to Sync :

In this step,the appropriate playlists or items could be selected for Synching.

To select all Music and all Playlists at once,select "All Music & Playlists" as shown below.To sync all movies,select "Movies.pllist".

You can also sync the iTunes specific playlists also here.For example :"Recently Added.pllist" etc.

-> If there is something specific that you want to sync,please add it to a new playlists in iTunes.After this,exit and start

Sync My iTunes again.The new playlist will be  shown on the list of Step 3.

Step 3 is as below : 



Step 4 - Select the Sync Location :

You can either Sync to Phone Memory or to the SD card.



That's it! Now click on "Sync Now" button.The Sync process will start.


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