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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac - Working with the Main Application (2)


Working with the main application :

 In the previous page we saw that the main screen's functionality is divided across four steps.We will discuss each step in detail here.

Step 1 - Detect the Phone :

In this step,the Phone Memory and SD Card is detcetdIf Previous steps have been taken,the drives will be auto detected.If these are not detected,please 

make sure that the device is connected properly to Mac and BlackBerry Link is open.

After this,hit "Refresh" button.

Once detected,below will be shown : 



Step 2 - Configure Wired Connection :

Open Sync My iTunes on the Blackberry 10 phone.If you have not installed it already on the phone,

please download it from Blackberry World- Click Here.

On the main screen of Phon'es app,press "Configure Wired Connection" button as shown below.



Once this is done,please click on "Refresh" button on the Sync My iTune's application that is installed on Mac.

If the configuration is successful,below will appear :



** If the client is not getting configured,please delete the application and reinstall from Blackberry World.To delete the

application,long press on the app's icon.After this click on the delete symbol that appears on screen.

Also,make sure that Shared File access permissions are given to Sync My iTunes.(from Settings –> Security & Privacy –>

Application Permissions->Sync My iTunes ->Shared Files access –> ON)


Next - Selecting Playlists and Sync Location.


Click  to go to Sync My iTunes download Page


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