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Help : Sync My iTunes For Mac - Setting up Wired Connection


Note : The help pages are same for all devices including Playbook,BB10 and BBOS 5,6,7 based devices.

Setting up Wired Connection :

Connect the Blackberry 10 phone to Mac using a USB cable.The Blackberry Link will open automatically.If the phone is password protected,it will ask you the password as shown below :



Enter the phone's password and wait for some time.Blackberry Link will map the Blackberry Phone's drives to Mac.It can be checked from Finder.

Below screenshot shows that the device is connected to Mac.



If the device does not show up,please disconnect the Phone and connect again.

The wired connection has been setup.Now we will see how to start the application and configure the client.


Next - Opening the main application and configuring the client.


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