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Sync My iTunes For Blackberry 10 help


Thank You for installing Sync My iTunes.In this help page we will tell you how to configure Wired Connection in 4 easy steps.We recommend that you Sync using Wired Connection.It is faster,accurate and works with works without any connection problems.

(Note : Playbook Users or users trying to sync using Wi-Fi could go to the help page : 

http://runisoft.com/helpmenu/103-btfterm )

Prerequisites :

1) You must have QuickTime installed on computer for the server to work.

2) The app needs access to Shared Files and BBM .Hence make sure you have given that permission.(from Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Application Permissions-> Sync My iTunes ->Shared Files access > ON)

3) Make sure you have turned off USB mass storage in Phones setting.

You can check this from System Settings -> Storage and access -> USB Mass storage -> OFF

Also,please set "USB connections" to "Auto Detect" from 

System Settings -> Storage and access -> USB connections -> "Auto Detect"


3) Blackberry link must be installed on the  computer so that the Z and Y drive could be detected.

a) Please install and configure it on your computer from  : www.blackberry.com/blackberrylink
b) After this please run it and connect your phone to computer.
c) Once blackberry link detects the phone,it maps the Phone memory and SD Card with Z drive and Y drive respectively of your phone.
Help :

 Right click on tray icon of Sync My iTunes and click "Wired Connection Sync"


Step 1 : You will get the window as shown below.Now you have to connect your Blackberry 10 device to your computer using the cable.Once the cable is connected,make sure that the Y drive and Z drive are detected.If you do not have a SD Card in the device,only Z drive will be shown.





Step 2 : Now open the Sync My iTunes Client on the Blackberry 10 device and click on the Button Named "Configure Wired Connection".A below screen will be displayed :

 Client Configured

Note : Other buttons like Connect,Change IP address,SDCard/Phone Memory sync are meant for Wi-Fi connection.For wired connection,you only have to click on the Button Named "Configure Wired Connection".The remaining will be taken care of by the Server software that is installed on the Windows Machine. 


Step 3 : Now click on Next button.If everything goes fine,you will get the Screen below.Click on Next.



Note : In case no drive is detected or client is not configured,the Next button will be disabled.Also,error message will be displayed.In such cases,please make the drives available,configure the client and hit Refresh button.

Step 4 : Now in the next screen you will get the screen displaying what to be synched and where to be synched.The first option is "Sync Entire Music Library".If this is selected,all songs will be synched to the Blackberry 10 device.Individual playlists could be synched as well.Also,you have to specify the Sync location to Phone Memory/SD card from this screen.


Make the necessary settings and hit the button "Start Synching".



The Sync Will Start.That's it !!


Note : Sync to SD Card/Phone Memory is also available on the Client software on Blackberry 10 device.But this option is for Wi-Fi Sync.For Wired Sync you need to specify the Phone Memory or the SD card location from the Windows Server software of Sync My iTunes.