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Here are a few common problems and solutions to them.

a) I have tried all ways but could not get IP address that could connect to PC.(Applicable for - Sync My Files,Sync My iTunes ,Sync My WMP,Print My Files or Upload to PC) How can i connect my Playbook software to the PC server?

Answer : 

Seems there is problem with your Wi-Fi setup.Are you able to surf internet on Playbook and PC both? Are both of them connected to same Router/same Wi-Fi network?Have you turned your Firewall off?

Please check.You can also try cable connection.Make sure Playbook’s drivers are properly installed and the playbook is detected by Blackberry Desktop Software.
Follow below steps :
a) Enter your device in Development mode.Swipe inwards from either top corner of your PlayBook to pull down the system menu, and tap the gear in the top-right. Tap the Security tab on the left pane, then Development Mode on the right. You’ll need to pop in a password.
See this video :
b)  Connect the cable of Playbook to your PC.
c) Now in Sync My iTunes on Playbook “,click on “Change IP Address” button.
d) Now put the ip and click OK.
e) Now double click on the Sync My iTunes Tray icon and select the Songs you want to Sync.Click on Sync Selected button.
f) On Playbook Software,click on “Connect & Sync”
 b) On my pc,when i right click on tray icon and click on "IP Address of the system",i do not get any IP address.
Answer :
First Make sure you are connected to a network.If you are not connected to any network you won't get any usable IP address.If you want to connect your Playbook app with PC software,you will have to make sure the Playbook and PC software are on the same Wi-Fi network.
If you are still not gettin IP address,do below :
a) Go to Start –> type “cmd”
b) This will open Command Prompt.
c) Now give command “ipconfig”
d) You will get the results as shown in screenshot below.look for “Wireless Lan adapter”.
Now in that section look for ipv4 address.That is the IP address of your computer.Try that IP address(use change IP address button in playbook’s software).We have highlighted the sections in the image below.You should also try the default Gateway IP address in this section.


 If you are connected to any other network,look for the related IP address.If you are not sure,try all IP addresses one ny one.


c) i purchased a copy of your software  and i accidentally deleted it. It is not showing up in App world for me to re-install.


If you do a search in App world with the name of application,you can find it again for installing.There is more more step that you can do :

Follow below steps to reinstall the software (for example : Hide files) :
a) Click on App World icon in Playbook.
b) On the top menu,click “My World”
c) After this on the top right side you will see two tabs,”Installed/Uninstalled”
d) Click on “Uninstalled”
You can find Hide Files there.
d)  I purchased Hide Files for my blackberry playbook. and when I try to add file I get a message

     "The application is not allowed to browse any files" and only give me a Cancel option

      what should I do ?


Answer :

Hide Files Needs permission to access your file system.When the application
opens for the first time,you will get a prompt asking whether to allow the

You should allow access to filesystem for hidefiles.

==> In order to resolve this issue,follow steps below :

swipe from top black panel downwards.A window will appear."Click on
security" then navigate as shown below :

Security  -> Application Permission -> Click on "Hide Files" -> Select
"Allowed" for Files.


e) I have installed Sync My iTunes.I am getting duplicate songs after synchronization.

Answer : 

You may get duplicates if songs have been copied earlier to the directory other than Music directory in Playbook.
Please check once.The duplicates are identified by name of the file and in Music directory.If you have same song with two different file names,you may get same song twice in
playbook’s music player.
“If the name of file on your PC and the name of file in your PB’s “Music” directory are exactly similar.Sync My iTunes will not copy it again.It will skip those”
Duplicates may come if :
a) Music files have been copied to directory other than Music directory(for example in Videos or documents directory)
b) Same song having different file names.


f) I just downloaded the Sync My iTunes app on my BlackBerry PlayBook and the required download on my PC.

The problem is that the pc program can't interact with iTunes.  I get a Window that tells me there is a problem with iTunes. I followed the suggestion to exit and restart a couple of times to no avail.  The message box also says "Exception from HRESULT:0x80040202

Make sure you have iTunes version 10.7 or greater installed.Sync My iTunes does not work with older versions of iTunes.
Follow below steps :
a) Open iTunes first.(The original software from Apple)Make sure your iTunes and Sync My iTunes both are running using same user.If Sync My iTunes is being run from normal user credentials,iTunes also should also be run using same user.
b) Keep the window of iTunes open.If iTunes displays any message,close that message box.
c) Now open the main window by double clicking on the tray icon.It should load fine now.




g) I am getting error 35005 when i try to install your application on Playbook.

Answer :

This is the problem with App World.

 Try the steps below to solve your problems:
In PlayBook perform the following steps:
1. Open App World
2. Select My World
3. Select Update List
Now try updating/installing the application
If Solution1 does not work, then go to Solution2 below:
For the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, follow these steps:
1. Launch the BlackBerry App World application.
2. Pass from the bottom left corner of the frame to open the keyboard.
3. type RST


h) could you recommend a download to remove DRM protection for itunes movies for my playbook. your sync my itunes app transferred my music wonderfully now I’d like to also do the videos.

Answer :

Check out below links.These will help you to remove DRM protection :

This is a freeware :

i) I am getting error for Sync My iTunes :

Problem = Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {DC0C2640-1415-4644-875C-6F4D769839BA} failed due to the following error: 80080005.
or Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {DC0C2640-1415-4644-875C-6F4D769839BA} failed due to the following error: 800702e4.



Answer :

This problem occurs if iTunes is being run as a different user than SyncMyiTunes, this causes communication problems in two programs (Remember that starting in Windows Vista and Windows 7 , you can run applications as an Administrator, which is like being a different user)

a) The error can be avoided by making sure you start both SyncMyTunes and iTunes with the same user credentials.
Make sure iTunes is not running when you start SyncMyTunes. Start SyncMyTunes and it will automatically start iTunes. Since iTunes is started by SyncMyTunes it will have the same user credientials.
Some users had this problem because their iTunes was set to run as administrator.You should try to run it normally with the user using which Sync My iTunes is running,

b) Another way to resolve this problem is to go to Run and type dcomcnfg and hit enter. This will bring up the component servces snap-in. Select computers, My Computer and then DCOM Config. Find the iTunes icon under the DCOM Config. Right-click on the iTunes icon and select the Properties context menu option. This will bring up a dialog box. Select the Identity tab. On the Identity tab select the radio button named “The interactive user” and click Ok.

Try both a) and b) above one by one

 j) Sync My iTunes error "No such interface supported (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002(E_NOINTERFACE))" :




Answer :


Method 1:

Please download and run the program “iTunes Com Fix” from below link (Using admin rights).Once you run this program successfully,please try to run Sync My iTunes again.

Method 2:

a) Press windows button and then R button
b) Type cmd and press enter
c) Type below command :

"C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /regserver

**  Make sure to put the correct path of iTunes.On your system, the path of iTunes might be different.


k) I have just installed the SyncMyiTunes on my Mac. However, I am unable to open the application, and get the message "The folder “SyncMyiTunes” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents."The icon has a red circle with white line in the bottom corner.  Please advise how this can be fixed. 

 Answer :

The easiest way to fix this problem is to highlight the folder you can't gain access to, right-click the folder and choose Get Info. Now at the very bottom you should see a section titled Sharing & Permissions. Expand this out and click the lock in the lower right. This will prompt you for the admin password and should unlock. Once unlocked click the + sign and add yourself. Then change your permissions from read only to read/write.

That should fix the permissions problem and allow you into the folders. Do note that some subfolders may also need to have their permissions adjusted.