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Help: Print My Files : Opening and Working with the main window


Opening and Working with the Main Window:

Now Upload TO PC is installed on your machine.We hope by now you have installed "Print My Files" on your Playbook from Blackberry App world as well.

Follow below steps on your PC to open the main window of Print My Files:

Step 1 : On you PC,right click on the try icon and select "View the Received files" as shown below.

Important : make sure "Print Files Automatically" and "Start with Windows" are checked in the menu below.


Step 2:  You will get the below window.This is the main screen of application.This window will show all of thw files that you have recived from Playbook.The list will be empty at this time since we have not yet started uploading the files.


If you want to delete items,you can do that as well.To select multiple items,press the "Ctrl" key and then click on the "Delete selected" button.(shift key can also be used for selection).

You can see the preview of item by double clicking on it.If the content is supported by Windows Media Player,it will be opened by it.Otherwise,appropriate application will be opened to preview the file. 



Next : Start of Upload Process 


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