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Help: Battery Time Left : Tips to Save Battery


Turning of Unnecessary things :

Turn off Wi-Fi®

Any time you are in an area without Wi-Fi access or traveling for an extended period of time without having a network connection, consider turning off your tablet’s Wi-Fi radio to help extend battery life. To do this, tap on the Wi-Fi icon that appears on your Home screen status bar followed by setting the switch to “Off”.

Turn off Bluetooth®

By default, when Bluetooth isn’t being used, the Bluetooth icon on the Home screen status bar will be white. If this is the case, consider turning off your Bluetooth radio by tapping on the white Bluetooth icon and setting the switch to “Off”.

Keep in mind that in order to use BlackBerry Bridge apps, for example, you’ll need to leave Bluetooth turned on so that your smartphone and tablet can communicate with each other.

Airplane Mode

If you want to turn all the radios off simultaneously, set your tablet to Airplane Mode by going to the Home screen, tapping the gear icon, selecting Airplane Mode (from the list of settings on the left part of the display), and then setting the switch to “Off”.

Change Application Behavior

The next time you know you will be unable to charge your tablet for a while, consider pausing apps or games on your tablet whenever you show the Home screen or switch between apps. To view the application behavior settings on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, complete the following steps.

1. From the Home screen, swipe down from the top bezel to access the tablet Settings.
2. Select “General” and set “Application Behavior” to “Paused”.

Turn off your tablet

Not planning on using your tablet for a while? If so, turn it off instead of leaving it in standby mode. To shut off your tablet, tap on the battery icon that appears on the Home screen status bar followed by tapping on “Shut Down”.