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Photo Compressor for Mac


Thank You for installing Photo Compressor for Mac.In this help page we will tell you how to use the app 

The application can be used to compress the JPG and PNG format photos.Below are the functionalities :

a) Import a folder : Using this functionality, all contents i.e. the Photos from the folder could be imported inside the application.

b) Add file(s) : Using this option, individual/multiple Photos could be added to the app. Please use the "cmd" button to add multiple Photos.

c) Select Multiple : In order to select multiple items from the app, please make sure that this option is checked. Once this option is checked, multiple items could be selected and operations like remove and compression could be performed on them.In order to select all photos, please press the "Select All" button.

d) Compress selected : This option compresses the photos from the app to the specified location on the computer.(It does not delete the file from app after compression)

e) Remove selected : This option permanently deletes the selected files from the app.(It will not delete the original files from the computer). Once the photos are compressed and saved to a location, the files inside the app could be deleted safely.

** Warning : Please make sure to have a backup of the files before these are deleted. The deleted files could not be recovered****

f) Lossless and Lossy conversion : The photos could be compressed using the Lossy or the Lossless method. When the Lossless method is used, the photos are compressed without reduction in the Quality. When the Lossy method is selected, the photos will be compressed with a loss in their quality. In order to achieve more compression, the Lossy method could be used. When the lossy method is used, the quality of the photos could be adjusted using the slider that is available just below the Lossy/Lossless option. using the slider the desired image quality could be specified and the app will compress the photos accordingly. During conversion, the original files are not overwritten. Instead, the converted files are saved to the location selected by the user.