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Optimum Backup by Runisoft



Optimum Backup is the Ultimate Exporter of Phone's system data and WhatsApp data.

It exports Contacts,SMS,MMS,Calendar,Settings,Call Logs,Playlists,WhatsApp Chat History,WhatsApp Photos & WhatsApp Videos . The exported data and files are automatically uploaded to DropBox.

This helps in securing the data of your phone. Not only this, it also saves the above data into HTML and CSV format. Using these formats, you could easily see your contacts,SMS,Calendar Events,Call Logs and etc. in a well organized format on your Computer or Phone.
Get it from :

 Screenshot_2016-08-07-17-28-17 (Large)  Screenshot_2016-08-07-17-29-27 (Large)   Optimum BackupScreenshot_2016-08-07-17-21-59 (Large)   Screenshot_2016-08-07-17-21-54 (Large)   Screenshot_2016-08-07-17-22-15 (Large)Screenshot_2016-08-07-17-34-56 (Large)   Screenshot_2016-08-07-18-09-19 (Large)   Screenshot_2016-08-07-17-28-31 (Large)